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Someone asked me recently; What is your Brand...?

I didn't know, so I looked up how to define a brand.

Turns out it's not as imprecise as I thought.  Brands are nothing more than communities. Fans. People who give people, places and things a "thumbs up."

Nike, Coke and, say, Starbucks have brands which are socially desirable.  Consultants like Alan Weiss or Simon Sinek each have a brand - one of no-nonsense straight talking experienced advice.  So I though I'd build my own brand, as a connector to you, my reader.

I have a cohort of colleagues that I have worked with who know that I'm practical, straight talking, sometimes contrarian, many times multiple steps ahead of the current discussion - but also kind. considerate and willing to give the benefit of the doubt. I'm forgiving of mistakes with apologies and honesty. I continually have ideas and try them out, regardless of the failure rate. I'm always looking for a ways through problems to solutions (even though I have to admit to needing to look at and complain about and frame all the negatives first, before attempting to find the positives in ways out a problem - maybe that's just my analysis cycle).

Overall, that all sounds like a brand.

 So as this is a personal brand - let's start with some questions;

Where were you born? - a small market town in England that is noted in the Magna-Carter and has had a weekly market since AD 1215.  I grew up surrounded by history and am fascinated by what happened historically where I just happen to be standing that day. - Connectedness

Where did you go to high school? - a 1200 pupil public school in the next big town, that lost me in the noise and hubbub of life. Nobody cared.  I left as a statistic. - And then learned how to learn and be inquisitive.

Where do you live now? - a small bay-side town near the beautiful city of Melbourne in Australia - Where it's a long way to everywhere else, so there's only us to make this place work.

What do you believe in? - Balance and kindness. - Everyone makes minor mistakes. They need to fix them, apologise and move on

What's your favorite thing to wear? - T-shirt, hoodie, shorts and sneakers - Comfortable. You want my thoughts, ideas and experience not my model-like looks, right?

What your favorite thing to do? - ride my VFR800 motorcycle (with friends), watch personal YouTube creators teach me great things, and make physical and technical projects

What do you hate, or never want to become? - not quite "hate" but; my father. Don't get me wrong he was a good dad, but he was distant.

What's your favorite word? - onomatopoeia - BAM...!

What's you favourite phrase? - Never give up, never give-in, and nils illegitimi nissi carborundum (pig latin of; never let the bastards grind you down)

Do you have any mentors? Someone who inspires you? Like who? - Sir John Harvey Jones, Steve Jobs, Eric Laithwaite, my Mum (aww bless). 

OK..! I hope you feel better about me than you did a minute ago.  Why? - Because as human beings we are hard-wired to respond emotionally (and rationally) to a series of inputs that make us "feel right" about people, places, or things.

If you try out the above question on yourself and hit on each of those emotional (and rational) touch-points (the actual list is: creation story, creed, icons, ritual, lexicon, nonbelievers, and leader) albeit in a quick, “ready-mix” way, in just 60 seconds, somewhere hopefully you'll hit an emotional button - a connector. One that needs more investigation. Like I did  (I'm not telling you which one).

Although short, I hope it was enough time for me to give what you need in the brand narrative to “make sense". Hopefully you feel that you know me better now. And maybe soon someone will know you better as your brand.