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Many of my values come from reading and listening to people's stories and from documentaries.  I was bought up listening to BBC Radio 4 (the news and spoken word station in the UK).  Having been lucky enough to have travelled for business to a wide range of countries - I still have India, Russia and South America on my list. I've met some interesting characters and some down-right crazy people in business.  Each one of them has left a small dent in my universe.


If I was asked to create a list, it would look something like this


Trust your inner thoughts and first instinct (it's usually right)

Deliver Options, always options and guiding advice

Listen - two ears and one mouth, use them in those proportions (thanks Grandma)

Think - what would my customer get from me doing this?

Work as hard and harder than your team - respect them as they respect you

Working hard doesn't always mean putting in long hours, it means working smart

Ensure your tone and pace are carefully set and monitored - not everyone speaks English

Keep a sense of humor - refine it and see the absurd in business kindly

Trust your team, and don't beat them when they're wrong - they know it already

Be honest and direct - everyone deserves to be well guided and not screwed over

Be comfortable having people smarter than you in you/the team

Temper any bad news with options and positive exits

Stand your ground, but acquiesce when when the better idea comes forward

I might know a thing or two, but there is always opportunity for improving

Take praise kindly and do not brag

Thank people, often  - there's not enough of this done