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To me, values are about what drives you.  Whether it's for some; greed for power, ensuring money comes first, community satisfaction, traditional family values, or simply knowing that you have done a job well, those things all make up the matrix or meleé that is a persons personality.


Values are based upon childhood hero's, maybe early business life admiration, or hard lessons learnt through trial and error in the business environment.  Mine are all of those and more.


Many of my values come from reading and listening to stories and documentaries.  I was bought up listening to BBC Radio 4 (the news and spoken word station in the UK).  Having been lucky enough to have travelled for business to a wide range of countries - I still have India, Russia and South America on my list to meet - I've met some interesting characters and some down-right crazy people in business.  Each one of them has left a small dent in my universe.


If I was asked to create a list, it would look something like this


Trust your inner thoughts and first instinct (it's usually right)

Deliver Options, always options and guiding advice

Listen - two ears and one mouth, use them in those proportions (thanks grandma)

Think - what would my customer get from us doing this. If there's no benefit, don't.

Work as hard and harder than your team - respect them as they respect you

Working hard doesn't always mean putting in long hours, it means working smart

Ensure your tone and pace are carefully set and monitored - not everyone speaks English

Keep a sense of humor - refine it and see the absurd in business kindly

Trust your team, and don't beat them when they're wrong - they know it already

Be honest and direct - everyone deserves to be well guided and not screwed over

Temper any bad news with options and positive exits

Stand your ground, but acquiesce when when the better idea comes forward

I might know a thing or two, but there is always opportunity for improving

Take praise kindly and do not brag

Thank people - there's not enough of this done