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Skills - Technology

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  • Amdocs CES9 system introductions
  • Amdocs CES 7.5 & 8.x overview
  • Amdocs, CRM, OMS, EPC, SRM and AAM modules implementation
  • Amdocs Billing services and applications Introduction
  • Oracle SOA Middleware and Weblogic services introduction
  • Cramer (Inventory)  RM, TE, DE and SE implementation
  • Infovista Network Reporting – All products implementataion
  • Netcool & SMARTS  - Systems Implementation, Administration and Filter design
  • Metasolv (Oracle A5) Activation Implementation
  • Unix & Linux Operating System
  • DOS & Windows Operating system



  • Cisco Core Network  and Enterprise Routers
  • Juniper Core Network Routers
  • Sun Sunfire and Blade Servers
  • Fujitsu Multi-Terrabyte  SAN Disk Storage Array
  • JBOD disk arrays
  • Fibrechannel interface management
  • DEC 6xxx network controllers
  • DEC 8xxx network controllers
  • DEC LS/LA1xx, Anadex 9xxx, Qume Epson printers
  • DEC 1xx, Lear Siegler, Televideo terminal
  • DEC 11-2x and 11-3x, 11-7x range blades
  • Honeywell Bull and DEC removable pack disk drives
  • Superbrain intelligent networked workstation 
  • Commodore PET business range
  • IBM PC, AT ranges
  • IP network management (Cisco)
  • Netbios network design & management
  • IBM Token Ring network design
  • Ethernet 10base2, base5 and baseT design
  • SDH, ATM and Frame Relay network management