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Skills - Design

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Throughout my career I've been involved in design in some way.  Whether it's processes, project schedules, software solutions, hardware builds, or the many other aspects of setting up small-medium sized company facilities through to designing Solution Architecture and Systems Integration for Tier 1 telco implementations.

The joy for me is the challenge in creating something from either nothing, or from a rag-bag of parts and integrations that may or may not initially fit together into a working solution.

My Solution Design and System Integration work has more recently been in BSS and OSS systems within the Telecommunications industry.  Within Amdocs this has been in Tier 1 Telco environments working with Subject Matter Experts, Application Engineers and IT Architects to create solutions that support complex business processes and requirements. This alignment has been to drive new and innovative ways to interact with end customers both in retail and in business relationships, to bring a refreshed market presence.

Within Cable and Wireless my designs and implementations with colleagues of assurance systems created visibility to a broad range of customers of their usage and issues, and provided access to supportive network utilisation and configuration information from simple transmission through Frame Relay, ATM to IP-VPN QoS networks, nationally and internationally on the Internet AS1273 network.

Reuters roles had me designing international Frame Relay backbones internationally as well as developing inter and intra-datecentre SDH networking, disaster-recovery and lower-speed customer distribution infrastructure  on PSTN and ISDN2/30 - this was before Broadband was a reality.

Before Cat5 Ethernet became the norm for networking, co-axial ethernet baseband and cable-tv technology networks with their analogue complexities and limits were the standards.  I spent a lot of time and effort understanding the limitations of these in business environments in the City of London and how they could be built with highly assured delivery.  As well as designing IBM Token Ring and baseband Ethernet, I spent time working on IBM 37x and 39x installations and DEC 11 Series.

Outside WAN and LAN networks I worked with Application Designers to create resilient software systems that allowed traders and analysts to work on highly reliable information delivery and market trading systems.

Formal system tools I have more recently used for systems design and integration:

  • Confluence (because documents are ideas clarified)
  • JIRA (because work in small chunks is better and quicker to do and control)
  • Spark Enterprise Architect (because sequences  and ideas are important)
  • Visio (yes, it's an admission)
  • MS Office Suite (because words, diagrams, presentations and calculations matter too)