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Skills - Consulting

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Within my consulting roles I have steered towards the practical rather than towards strategy and product definition, business benefits and the marketing side. Primarily, I am are here to improve the customer's condition.

That is not to say I do not have an interest in those other areas, however my no-nonsense skills have been better used in other disciplines. As I have said elsewhere; always deliver options (with a recommendation) and allow the customer to make their decision.  After all, it is their business.  The customer needs good support and guidance on the discovery journey which is where the consulting experience is delivered, but once they have the core understanding in place, the detail work can begin with the specialists.

My roles and experience has been to focus on the relationship and project definitions, deliverables and outcomes, building an understanding of the personalities and expectations of customer, their organization the structures plus all the other direct and indirect delivering stakeholders. Once scope has been formed and agreed in principle I have built the role definitions, budgets and broad schedule and worked with stream leaders to populate the roles and ensure all responsibilities are defined and clarified - Helping the customer and their teams visualize success.