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Skills - Business

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I have spent a lot of my time alongside and working tightly with Business Process people and Business Analysts, as well as with customer business teams, across the whole spectrum from order collection to billing to service assurance.

Each one of these areas has their own specialisation and SME's.  I have been lucky enough to work with some very smart and creative business consultants, working hand-in-hand with the technology teams to create solutions that work and are robust.

Everything is driven by the customer, which means everything is driven by the business.  The business own me, lock stock and barrel.  What they want, they get.....well....nearly.

The problem with the business is they have bright ideas.  Great ideas.  The only problem is they're many times unique or one-off.  What this really means is; we'll never sell another one like this again.  That's  fine if it's a 500-million dollar-customer and they have an agreed ongoing maintenance contract supporting it and the hundreds of their other services, but for most they don't.  What this makes is an unsustainable business model.  Which in the IT and Operational domains translates to No.

What this demands in the Business Discovery & Assessment phases is that the investigations have to go deep into understanding why the market wants this functionality and how the multiple groups from marketing thru sales thru ordering thru provisioning to service assurance and billing will have to change to create and support this new idea.  Business Readiness, Business Impact Assessment, Business Deployment and Change Management all have to be involved 

My question I always ask in these situations is; What can I do for you?  And almost invariably the answer is; Tell me how to make this work.  Because working for a vendor, we 're supposed to know all the answers, from the other accounts we're working on.

Many times the ideas are new and creative, and are going to take some deep-dive to get into how the current business model and processes can be made malleable enough to handle provisioning and assuring the new idea.

Back in the day I worked on the first UK xDSL projects. Two services over one line was a headache, but we worked out how; How to order it, provision it, record it, bill it and maintain it.  Today it's chicken-feed and everyone knows how, back then it was challenge.  The same conundrums exist today in over the top services and virtual everything.  Soon we'll work out how.

One of the biggest new challenges will be how to make the systems that support Small to Medium Businesses more efficient, faster, simpler and drive the provisioning lead times down and the billing accuracy to perfection first time.  In the bigger world of Business another great challenge will be getting the virtualisation secure enough for businesses to trust it and ensuring all the processes and collection of the secure details is operationally perfect and meets the security needs.

Some of the more memorable business training I've competed are:

  • Six Sigma & Agile Methodology - Green Belt
  • ACPM Project Management
  • Managing Direct and Indirect Teams across international locations
  • Working with International Partners 
  • Program Leadership and  techniques
  • Influence and Persuasion
  • Fundamentals of Management
  • Team Building techniques
  • Advanced Project Management
  • Advanced Presentation Skills
  • SPIN Sales & customer engagement
  • Agile & LEAN SDLC development methodology