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I'm searching for a new challenge in role that take me beyond what I know and have done already in my career.

As I have matured, I'm enjoying working on how to use the technology, instead of the the technology itself.  That has let to me moving towards the Business side more than the Technology side.  As a result I have found myself with a foot in both camps, understanding the technology and also being able to listen to the Business teams and create a translation between these two differing worlds.  It's become a useful  and I hope valuable skill set.

Over the past three years I've leveraged this skill and put it to good use in making the complex explained simple and in helping move ideas from loose-talk to concept and into technical design into implemented solutions.

If you're looking for an experienced, personable, considerate, forward-thinking, internationally aware, keen and focused solution architect or system integration manager, with good technical project management skills. Please get in touch from here on my Contact Me page  Thanks.