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In everything he does Andrew believes in challenging the status quo. He believes in thinking differently. The way he challenges the status quo is by making his ideas beautifully designed, simple to understand, and audience friendly.  He chooses to prioritise finding answers to Why. He just happens to be in the Networks and IT design business

What we do is create new, or integrate and improve what is in use today - that's the job.

I spend a lot of my time working through complex application interactions and system process flows across multiple vendor systems, talking with Product Managers and Business designers to dig deep into what they are trying to achieve and some indication of by when.  The big question that is rarely answered in its simplest form is;

Why Are We Doing This?

The challenge of How and What, is in getting Solution Designers and Architects who haven't been on the Transformation journey to think more broadly and become comfortable with knowing that over half of what they have today in the ocean of manual hand-off processes will tomorrow be gone. Swept away, and replaced. It's tough and it's the life of a Solution Designer and Architect.

I enjoy the challenge and the engagement of bringing new light into the business process world, challenging existing practices, moving disconnected parties together and scrapping genuinely old and now low-value processes and methods. Sometimes Automation is good and best value, and sometimes it's not - for long-tail cases. The trick in all of this is understanding Why.

Working within the environments of global providers has also allowed me to grow my management and interaction soft-skills.  It's helped me understand the broad, subtle and tangential approaches sometimes needed and the uncommon-common-expectations in multi-cultural environments.  Like knowing that a meeting at 11am on a Friday in some cultures will get brutally get cut short is something you can't learn from a book - nor how important is the event in those people's lives.  Or when hearing a first "Yes" answer doesn't quite mean what you think it does - are all silent and cultural revelations.

To put this into a list I am experienced in:

  • Business Solution and process design, working with Product Management through to Network Engineering
  • Prime SI  - IT and Business inter-stream communication, change management and customer liaison
  • Integration, Implementation, Project and Release Management and also Stream-Leadership
  • Architecture, Design and Integration management across Order (O2A) to Assurance (R2R) cycles
  • Triage (Situation/Escalation Room) management in customer-facing multi-vendor environment
  • Waterfall and well as Agile SCRUM project management techniques and team management approaches

My broad experience has been gained by being integrated within Architecture teams in design and managing the implementations for multiple accounts delivering projects within the $10-100M range. I have also successfully set up and managed triage, shakeout and deployment of multi-vendor System Integrations within the Amdocs software BSS and OSS suites.

I have over 15 years customer engagement, project delivery and management experience in the financial and telecommunications industries, with previous experience in data-centres, networks & media support services within Reuters.  In my career I have moved from technical engineering and project management in Cable and Wireless using both waterfall and agile (six sigma green belt and also lean) to program management within Amdocs, working throughout directly with Design Authorities and Business Directors

I have a proven aptitude and experience in identifying, delivering early notification and clarifying deep-dive detail issues within complex situations, as well as striving with my team to apply inventive approaches to managing Technology to Business stream communications My customer and stream leadership, customer relationship management and communications skills focus on delivering practical, results driven timely project phases or story modules, within customer site environments