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23. Four Candles, handles for forks

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I hope this prompted you to smile, especially if you're an English reader.

If you don't know it's from one of the funniest comedy skits on misuse of the English language. Ever.

Messers Ronnie Barker (RIP) and Ronnie Corbet put together some of the most well known and loved English television shows with short comedy skits.  The Fork Handles started as Four Candles being requested in a small hardware shop. The deliberate mis-hearing plays out to further misuse; plugs, hoes, pumps and saw tips.

Much later Ronnie Corbett and Harry Enfield did an homage to the original using mobile phones as the central focus - Blackberry and Orange and Apple - meaning technology not the fruit.

Always brings a smile.

Here it is on Youtube: Corbett and Barker - Fork Handles