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Senior Consultant and Integration Manager for Enterprise systems and process


I often come back to this phrase: "There are plenty of people who can solve the tech equation, but sometimes you need to listen and understand someone’s business problems and solve them".

Hi, I'm Andrew Waller - you've probably worked that out already.

I'm a hands-on Business Systems Design Consultant and Architect for Enterprise and B2B solutions.




My prime skills portfolio is in the translations between Tech and Business communities and in the critical collaboration to ensure everyone understands both "The Ask" and "what's going to be Delivered" -  across all the domain languages that these communities speak.

Aligned with this is my understanding of project management and the techniques, alignments, agreements and prioritisations of the business functionality against the needs of the tech communities in sequencing for an overall successful outcome - balancing on the knife-edge between success and escalation.

I have worked with original concepts and ideas, business transitions and digital transformations, collaborated with Product Mgmt, IT and Network colleagues, to create successful business and process solutions that work. 

Across my career I have been part of many successful projects - from time-sensitive Trading Room installs, Data Centre infrastructure replacements, through large Call-Centre implementation, to creation of processes, orchestrations and automation in multi-service activation for Telco B2B and Enterprise Network/Service products.

I've also been brought in for projects struggling with integration management and technical co-ordination issues, to turn them around and bring teams together and into alignment.

In the past twelve years I've been involved in seven major projects and within those four business transformations working in both Waterfall and Agile approaches, building a body of practical knowledge, experience and trust.

More recently, I've designed, consulted and spent a lot of time implementing BSS and OSS solutions and managing solution-integrations in the telecommunication world at scale, managing tens of vendors, delivering hundreds of interfaces into 50-100 Million dollar projects.

At home I'm a dad with two married grown-up sons. I'm English and moved with Mrs W. and our boys to the city of Melbourne, Australia in 2007. I still love the place, getting out on the Honda VFR800 motorcycle at the weekend and exploring.

Back in the day, all this started with a soldering iron and a schematic diagram in repairing electronic systems to component level and installing networked computers. My hands-on approach started as a kid with home electronics and moved into repairing micro and mini computers (that's me at 19 in the picture above - Yes, I really repaired them). I moved into designing and installing LAN and WAN networks and then into software, setting up forex and equities trading-rooms in merchant banks and trading houses.


Yes, that's me


Later I worked in data-centres for data distribution and hosting for international networks.  I've run network teams and planned and signed off financial system installs and upgrades that handle billions of dollars of business.  More recently I've moved into collaboration and consulting, in designing processes and systems that orchestrate, active and control thousands of business customer networks using hundreds of products - from a B2C mobility through to complex enterprise networks handling VoIP, Video and Hosting services. 

My classic resume [PDF download here] on just two pages falls a long way short in telling the stories of the varied work and the experience gathered over time and many roles - which is the reason for this site. I want to now leverage these broad ranges of experience in new opportunities.

The key question that you want an answer to is “Who am I at my core, what am I passionate about and what I uniquely bring to the table. that will benefit you and your organisation?”  I guess it sums up into; Why me and not someone else?

Execution and delivering is everything in projects, and with my two page limited CV and just two or three key achievements per role, what's missing are the contexts and personal angles to round out the picture of what drove me, kept me delivering across the long-game, what I'm proud of and what still drives me today - in always putting the customer at the centre of everything I do.


What gets me out of bed in the morning, besides my Australian Shepherd dogs (thanks Milly and Poppy) and a cup of Melbourne coffee, is making people happy, executing-on and delivering value into successful projects.

I thrive on working with smart and lively engaging colleagues, busy places and constant change. I enjoy helping educate and mentor the young team members coming up through the ranks. And most importantly having business problems to solve, with technology, processes, people and some well thought out ideas. 

You can find and Download my Resume -->here<--